Cashmere Silk Scarves - The One´s (just one unit)

The One´s (just one unit)

Cashmere Silk Scarves - The One´s (just one unit)
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You’re the only one

Being unique as a goal is a misinterpretation, because being unique is an intrinsic reality. Our nature, our essence, is what makes us special compared to the rest. Why pursue difference when it is already in our DNA? In truth, we don’t need to “try to be”; we should simply “be and enjoy it” ...

In that vein, at AN-DA Barcelona we have created THE ONE’s, unique and exclusive pieces that eschew mass production and are developed through a well-balanced combination of art and craftsmanship.

We love history... everything is inspired by history

Faithful to our principles of sustainability, with THE ONE’s we rely on the concept of upcycling in creating each exclusive piece. We recycle pieces from the best brands on the market, using them as a foundation for creating a new design, while also promoting the circular economy.

In this way, we develop original and elegant pieces, designed by drawing on the inspiration and history of the original garment, but with an eye toward new avant-garde fashion.

I'm not trying to be different. To me, I'm just being myself.

The pieces for THE ONE’s are created for those who want to avoid standardization and mass production, while dressing in an exclusive and ethical way.

Wearing THE ONE’s is being who you’ve always truly been.

Do not use whitener Do not wash Ironing low temperature Can not tumble dry Dry cleaning, not trichlorethylene.

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